Simba, a retired Military working dog, adopted by the Glass Family.


After early retirement, Simba was adopted by one of the lads he had worked with, Jessica’s husband. Simba saved his life on various occasions and the family wanted to return the favour and give him a home to spend his later years.

One evening Jessica noticed Simba was limping, with no sign of injury, the next morning he could not walk. The vets diagnosed a slipped disc and Simba underwent emergency surgery to try to relieve the pressure or he would not walk again.

Jessica was getting married in 5 months’ time with Simba as the best man so they made the decision to give up their honeymoon to pay the cost of the extra care not covered by his insurance.

The surgery went well and after a few months he was able to walk again but was still very stiff. Jessica came across Canine Superflex and decided to start feeding it.


Says Jessica ‘That was nearly 2 years ago and not only was Simba our best man but he is now more energetic than he was before he had a back problem. It has become such a regular part of his life that if we ever forget to add it to his food, he stares at the cupboard we keep it in until we do! I wanted to say a massive thank you for helping our much loved, boy to get back to his playful self. I am sure that Simba would like to pass on a wag of his tail as thanks as well.’