Mulder, a 12 year old Miniature Poodle owned by Tracey of Surrey Equestrian, a NAF retailer.

When out on his walk on day Mulder was unfortunately attacked by another dog. Sadly he sustained a badly broken leg and bite wounds. The vets x-rayed him and referred him to a specialist as they were unable to repair the break.


The specialist wasn't sure he could save the leg but put in a pin and external metal fixator. He warned that it was going to be a slow process to repair and would take longer than normal due to Mulders age and the fact that he had a liver problem.

Tracey knew all about NAF's Superflex Tablet Treats through her work and immediately decided she would give them to Mulder to try and support his recovery.

Mulder went back to the specialist for a checkup after 6 and 12 weeks. To everyones surprise the fixator was removed and the vet could not believe how well Mulders injury had healed.


Mulder walked with a limp when he first came home but within a couple of weeks the limp had more or less gone.  Now you would never know he had ever broken his leg and Mulder enjoys a normal active life.