Rose, a 14 year old German Shorthaired Pointer owned by Emma Salt. Rosie has experienced a catalogue of veterinary problems, in addition to which she has fallen out of a first floor window, which she amazingly survived with just cuts and bruises!


However, it appears that the accident triggered the start of arthritis in Rosie's hips and spine and since she has been on a veterinary prescribed joint medication. The weather turning colder caused Emma to worry that Rosie'condition might deteriorate. Asshe was already on the full dose of medication Emma spoke to Rosie's vet.  They decided that should Rosie's quality of life go downhill she would be put to sleep. So, when Emma saw 'Relief' her local saddlery she decided she had to give it a try...

Says Emma "The effects were apparent within just a couple of days, and since then, I have dropped her prescribed treatment to a much lower level.  She is so bouncy, before she would walk to the yard and stand there while I muck out, she now plays with the other dogs and comes into the field to's really improved her quality of life.  Her vet has seen Rosie since she started on Relief and was pleased, and surprised, with how well she is. It has made a huge difference in her day to day life. I highly recommend it!"