Angus was a three year old minature Schnauzer in June last year when he had an accident. We will never know what happened he must have had a bad fall off the back of a chair(only he can tell us that!). I came home to find him lying paralysed on the lounge floor. I got him to the vet straight away to be told his best chance of survival was for me to take him to the Glasgow Vet School.

Upon arrival there he was examined and ex-rayed - they gave him a 15% chance to live through that night. They suspected spinal cord damage but as he was so stressed and in pain they sedated him and left him until the next day to confirm this. After further tests they discovered two displaced discs in his neck - a very difficult place to operate on but they were willing to try as he was a young fit dog.

It was a six hour operation (a ventral slot removal) which after intensive care - hydro-therapy - and after long discussions with the Naf rep. it was recommended that he had Naf Devil's Relief for any pain and daily doses of Naf 5 Star Superflex for joint stress. He has now been on the Superflex for 7 months and the vet is astounded at his progress and it is felt that the Superflex has played a major part in his recovery.

He will remain on the Naf 5 Star Superflex for life - thanks Naf for giving me my bouncy lively dog back!!